Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mega sized Mason Jar

I am totally and completely obsessed with PTI's Friendship Jar and Larger than Life sets. I cannot put them down! I made a bookmark recently...okay, maybe four or five....with the Mason jar and flowers yet again. I can't wait to get the newest Summer Jar fillers so I can obsessively use the Hydrangeas next. ;)

A couple weeks ago I was shopping at Walmart. I was looking for a container to replace our broken dog food holder. Lo and behold, I see a giant sized Mason jar on the top shelf!! I almost peed my pants with excitement!!!! I grabbed that sucker not knowing what I'd use it for but HAD to have it. 

My husband brought me home a bouquet of flowers for my birthday the other week and I knew exactly what to do with them!! I was so happy!! The flowers lasted quite a long time, a couple of weeks in fact. I got the warm fuzzies each time I passed the flowers in my Mega sized Mason jar.

I put a regular sized Mason jar next to it for size reference. (You can click on the picture to make it larger.) I can't wait to fill it up with other great things. I'm not sure what will go into it next but I'm sure it will look great!

Thanks for stopping by!!