Monday, May 28, 2012

New Craft Room in Progress

I've been gone for a while, I know. I've missed card making and blogging so much!!

School is out at the end of this week so I have been trying to finish up some home projects before the girls are constantly under foot and I can't get anything substantial accomplished.

I am in the process of re-painting my craft room. Here is the before photo. (Minus the kid stuff.) It was a lovely shade of blood red with a racing car strip border. I was dreading re-painting this room. So it sat this way for almost 4 years. I finally got motivated because my daughter wanted to move into this room. I had to remove the border and prime the red. Then I painted it a nice shade of blue similar to Spring Rain for my little girl...

She was in this very pink room for a couple of years. Pink was her favorite color forever. Her entire wardrobe is pink. Her room, bedding, jewelry, toys. EVERYTHING. Then recently she declared that blue is her favorite color. So that began my painting frenzy.

I got to prime this entire room. Took a while. But it will be so worth it because it is now going to be  my brand new craft room. I looked at about a dozen different paint chips until I finally found the perfect light turquoise. 

Turns out, it is exactly the same color as Aqua Mist! I am so happy! Aqua Mist is my favorite PTI color. I was worried about how it would translate onto a wall, but so far it's really pretty.

I may need to paint another coat on it. I really don't want to, although it probably needs it. I'm trying to find the energy...

Then I need to move all of my furniture back into the room and set it all up and unpack all of my supplies and find new homes for it all. Whew!

I can't wait until I'm finished so I can have my space back. And time!! I miss stamping and I miss visiting everyone's blogs. I feel so out of the loop. Hopefully I will be back soon!! XO