Thursday, July 19, 2012

My stamp storage

Today I received my PTI July Release order. That's the fastest my release order has arrived in a couple of years! I was so excited to see it today!!

I thought I would take this opportunity to show you how I store my stamp sets now.

I switched all of my clear stamps from CD cases to binders. It wasn't as intimidating or as overwhelming as I thought it would be. As a matter of fact, it is such a perfect storage system for me, that the hours it took me to switch it all over was definitely worth it.

So this is how the stamp set arrives. Index label, stamps on acetate and tip sheet.

The first thing I do is line up the index label with the stamps.

I cut the index label down to size and cut off the name of the stamp set.

Next, I adhere the index label right onto the acetate.

I smooth it down carefully.

Then the stamp set name label goes right onto the tip sheet.

I slip it into my Martha Stewart page pocket. The $15 sets only needs half of a page, the $24 sets use both upper and lower pockets.

Then it goes into the proper binder. 
(Right now my Flowers/Butterflies binder is stuffed to the gills. Shocking, right?)

So when I use the set, I just flip through the pages, find my set and take it out to use it. Once I'm finished, I have the tip sheet in the pocket with the stamp set label on it.

This system is SO quick and EASY. 
And cheap! My only expenses are the binders and the pocket pages. Each costing about $3.
Plus, it's condensed down so much that it gives me much more room to hide, er, 
I mean store my stamp sets.

Now, if my kids either go to bed early tonight, or stay occupied enough in our A/C house tomorrow, I might be able to blog the cards I am making.
Hope you are all staying cool in this heat!