Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project Life-Step One Organization

I've wanted to get back into scrapbooking for a long time now. I just haven't been able to dedicate the time it takes. I've been a fan of Project Life for a couple of years but never fully jumped on the bandwagon for a few reasons. Sure, I bought all the supplies, hoarded them, but never used them. I finally took the plunge and bought the Clementine Core Kit pack on Amazon when it was for sale a couple of weeks ago.

I like the new packaging it comes in. It keeps everything all neat and tidy. But I am a visual person. I need to see things in order to use them. So I scoured Pinterest and Google images for ways to store the kit. The only thing that caught my eye was this organizer, which of course is discontinued. And this neat wooden box.

What I wanted needed to be able to hold the 3x4 cards, the 4x6 cards, my patterned paper packs and scrapbook stamp sets. It also must be portable.

Enter Target. Aaahhh!! {angels singing} I brought one of the 3x4 cards with me to see where it would fit. I tried a few different organization trays. I found one that I liked okay. It fit the 3x4 cards perfectly and the 4x6 would fit too, but it still wasn't perfect. It was only $5 so I brought it home to decide.

But when I was on my way out I walked by the Itso aisle. I found something that has everything that I needed! I was so excited!! Yes, organization thrills me. Hehe! (Here is the online link for what I purchased.)

In the above photo, you can see how it fits the 4x6 cards side by side nicely.

Here are all the cards from the Clementine Core Kit. On the left are cards that I found online as free printables. Love that!

The Itso container fits perfectly in my Ikea Expedit shelf. I had to squeeze it in there, but it fits!

 Here is the beginning of my Project Life area. It will sit near the printer for easy access. It's also going to be in the family area so that the girls can make their own pages. I plan on having my scrapbook album on top of the shelf open to the current page so I can add to it as the week goes on. 

I just love the Expedit series. Actually, I'm going back to Ikea today to return this small one and get a larger one! 

I hope you found this somewhat helpful! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comment section or email me. :)