Friday, May 17, 2013

Making Project Life Tabbed Cards with the WRMK Envelope Punch

I just received the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch yesterday and couldn't wait to play with it. I saw this You Tube Video showing how you can make file folders. I thought I would apply that concept towards making tabbed Project Life cards.

Below you can see a sample of some different types of cards I made. All I needed was my WRMK Envelope Punch board, a kraft knife and a ruler. Directions and measurements for each card are below the picture.

(You can click on the pictures to make them larger.)

The pink card is a 4"x6" card with a tab that goes above the page and sticks out 1/2" over the top.
 Cut your cardstock 4-1/2"x6". 
Line up the left corner with the 1" mark on the Punch Board and punch. Then flip the cardstock over, move the corner to the 2" mark and punch. You will need to line up your ruler and cut off the excess cardstock with the kraft knife, like in the video. This will give you either a right or left sided tab, depending on which side of cardstock you use. I thought the tab on top like this would be great to use as a place mark. You can stamp or write a title, month, year, school grade...whatever you want!
(If you don't want the tab to stick out of the page protector, cut the cardstock 4"x6" insstead.)

This is the basic 3x4 card with a tab on top. Start with a 3"x4-1/2" piece of cardstock. Line up the right side of the paper so that it is in the very center of the upside down "V" that the score line and the score guide makes. Punch. Flip the cardstock over and line up the left side to the 1" mark. Punch. Cut the excess off with a kraft knife or scissor.

Here is a basic card with tab that stays inside of the 3"x4" page protector. Cut a piece of 3"x4" piece of cardstock. Follow the same directions as above for the basic 3x4 card with a tab on top.

 Notice the rounded corners? I just used the corner rounder on the WRMK Envelope punch. And as a plus, it's a perfect match to the Becky Higgins rounded corners on her PL cards.

For this Bifold card with a tab, you will need a piece of cardstock that measures 4-1/2"x6". First score it at the 3" mark. (This will help with lining up.) Line up the left side of the cardstock at 2-1/2" and punch. Then flip the cardstock over and line up that score mark at 2-1/2" and punch. This gives you a centered tab.  

Then you can add a photo or a journaling card or embellish how you wish. You can also round the corners with the corner rounder in back.

This next card is like the bifold but it is made like a flap. I am showing what it looks like opened. For this flip flap card your cardstock will need to be 3"x8-1/2". Line up the right side of the paper so that it is in the very center of the upside down "V" that the score line and the score guide makes. Punch. Then flip over the cardstock and line up at the 2" mark and punch. Use your kraft knife (or scissors) to cut off the excess paper. Measuring from the un-tabbed side, score at 4" and fold. You can then round the corners if you prefer. And this card can be used as a flap so your page has some 3-D effect, or put the entire card in the pocket for some extra or private journaling. 

If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment.

I would LOVE to see any cards that you make using my tutorial!! Send me a link or picture!

Thanks for stopping by. :)