Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mega sized Mason Jar

I am totally and completely obsessed with PTI's Friendship Jar and Larger than Life sets. I cannot put them down! I made a bookmark recently...okay, maybe four or five....with the Mason jar and flowers yet again. I can't wait to get the newest Summer Jar fillers so I can obsessively use the Hydrangeas next. ;)

A couple weeks ago I was shopping at Walmart. I was looking for a container to replace our broken dog food holder. Lo and behold, I see a giant sized Mason jar on the top shelf!! I almost peed my pants with excitement!!!! I grabbed that sucker not knowing what I'd use it for but HAD to have it. 

My husband brought me home a bouquet of flowers for my birthday the other week and I knew exactly what to do with them!! I was so happy!! The flowers lasted quite a long time, a couple of weeks in fact. I got the warm fuzzies each time I passed the flowers in my Mega sized Mason jar.

I put a regular sized Mason jar next to it for size reference. (You can click on the picture to make it larger.) I can't wait to fill it up with other great things. I'm not sure what will go into it next but I'm sure it will look great!

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  1. That bookmark is gorgeous! Keep right on using that set! As for what to put in the jar, how about ribbon or buttons?

  2. Love the bookmark, Susan!! It is so pretty!! I remember the first time I ordered from our food co-op and people were unloading boxes of the half-gallon Mason jars. I almost fell out. I love them!!! We use them for food storage, but oh how they make oats, macaroni and rice look fab! :)

  3. fun!! you'll have to put all of the seasonal goodies from the stamps sets in the jar (paintbrushes, silverware, candy canes, hot chocolate, conversation hearts, etc). and keep photographing it for us to see!

  4. I would love one of those jars! you could buy a whole bunch of them and make a fortune selling them to us PTI Jar lovers! Maybe make enough to buy lots more stamps. Put me down for one. Start hunting for more jars.

  5. Gorgeous bookmark! That is a giant jar. LOL

  6. Definitely not seeing too much of Larger than Life and Jars! They go together perfectly. And make a perfect bookmark too - must remember that one.

    And the alstroemerias are perfect for that giant jar with their long stems - they never look right cut short.

  7. This is so cute!! What a fun design for a bookmark! Very fun!


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