Friday, May 22, 2009

Teacher Gift Set

I absolutely adore each and every teacher that my girls had this year. Throughout the year I would make them card sets or cute little boxes with goodies in them. So for the end of the year I had no clue what to get them. I thought maybe just a gift card. But as a crafter, you know you can't do just that and be okay with it. Right? ;)

So I thought for a while and decided to do a theme. "Summertime!" I bought an iced tea pitcher, some tea bags, some Kool Aid, glasses, chip bowl and dip bowl and dip mix. I then made coasters to match the hibiscus flower on the pitchers. I also used a stamp with the God's Blessing poem on it. Then I made a tag with how to Steep Iced Tea in the Sun and attached it to the pitcher.

I have four teachers to make these for. I finished the first one yesterday and this morning I have two more to finish. I migh post them later if time permits.

I sure hope the teachers like the idea of this gift set. I want them to be able to sit down and relax a bit during their summer hiatus.

Speaking of summer, I can't believe it's almost here already!! Where did the time go??


  1. this is super cute!! i think it's a great gift set! i wish i liked quinn's teachers enough to do this, but i don't...LOL

  2. Susan--I wish I taught your girls! This is adorable. I'm a high school teacher, so we never get any gifts. I would be thrilled with this!


  3. So wonderful!!! I know they will love it!

  4. How could they not like these, very clever and NICE ;)

  5. Wow, what a great set! I need to get busy making my kids' teacher gifts!

  6. Susan, what an absolutely fantastic gift idea. Bet the teachers just LOVED it!!! Yep, summer is here to stay for awhile it seems. Great job!!! TFS

  7. Angela (SCS monkeymama)June 25, 2009 at 5:42 PM

    Awesome project for the teachers! They will love it for sure!


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