Thursday, March 15, 2012

Superior Cardstock!

I found some really great cardstock that I wanted to share with you all. I bought a sampler pack at an Etsy store called Lilly Belle's Paperie. It came with 17 different colors and matching envelopes. I've never had matching envelopes before so I am REALLY excited to make some cards sets with these.

Look at all of those delicious colors!!

The first thing I did when I received the order was to compare the color and thickness to Papertrey Ink's cardstock. I was so excited to see, or should I say feel, that Lilly Belle's paper is just as thick and sturdy as PTI's!!! And a lot of the colors I received are so similar to PTI's you can't tell the difference.

So far I found that this paper is a perfect color match for:
Pure Poppy
Raspberry Fizz
Sweet Blush
New Leaf
Hawaiian Shores

You can see them closer below. (And you can always click on the image for a larger picture)
 I put them next to my PTI color samples (that I hang on a binder ring).
 I was SO excited that my beloved Sweet Blush is an exact match to their Ballerina.

And the Hawaiian Shores matches exactly to their Caribbean. The Kraft is an exact color match too. But it's a hair thinner. But I like that because PTI's Kraft is too thick for my liking.
The brown is PTI's Dark Chocolate. I have nothing to compare it to yet. Lilly Belle's paper above the DK Chocolate is their black which is really nice.

I will be ordering more from them very soon!!

And no, I wasn't compensated in any way for this post. I just really needed another cardstock source and I am really happy to have found one!!


  1. Very interesting....I wonder if they have the same supplier? How do they compare for price and shipping costs?

    1. Joyce, it's $5 to ship a 24 sheet pack and just $1 for each additional pack. And the 24 pack is $5 just like PTI's. I can't see spending $70 for free shipping over there anymore so I'm ecstatic to find this cardstock!

  2. Good to know--thanks for posting! How does it compare price-wise?

    1. Amy, it's $5 for a 24 pack just like PTI's. If you want a sample piece pm me your address!

  3. Susan, thanks so much for your comparison. I, too, have been hoping that there is an alternative source for PTI papers. I just can't purchase from PTI right now and am not sure what the future holds for that company. Thanks for the great info.

    Are there any other matches or did you not have the PTI colors to compare? (Just curious)

    1. Patty, I don't have any other PTI cardstock that matches *perfectly*. I do think the dark orange may be similar to Terracotta Tile. The purples are very different from Plum Pudding and Lavender Moon. But I like Lilly Belle's purples better. PTI's seems washed out to me. These colors are just so gorgeous!

  4. This is great info Susan. It is nice to know there is an alternative source that is as good as PTI's cardstock.

  5. good to know! thanks for posting your review!

  6. Thanks for this...
    I love the matching envelopes!
    But always good to know! :)

  7. Ooooo, awwww! Love the perfect color matches. I was looking through my supply the other day and need to order a few colors. Let me know when you order from PTI again and maybe we can combine orders.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this info! I have been wondering about their cardstock but haven't taken the plunge, so I appreciate the recommendation!


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